Pokemon Silver Game Cover

Pokemon Silver Game Cover

Pokémon Silver is a Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color enhanced video game for the Nintendo Game Boy. Released in 2000, this game started the second generation of the vastly popular Pokémon video game series. This game features a new region called Johto, 100 new Pokémon and many more additions. They are also backwards compatible with the first generation of games (Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow).

I started this walkthrough on Apr 19, 2018, and walkthrough is still going strong on to its 39 episode. MrsGamingZone has been helping with the gameplay on this series. For other series that I have done please the links below:

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Johto Region Edit

  1. Totodile I Choose You
  2. Adventure Here We Go
  3. Meeting Professor Elm & The Mystery Egg
  4. Heading to Violet City
  5. Sprout Tower
  6. Violet City Gym (Obtaining Zephyr Badge)
  7. Heading to Union Cave
  8. Union Cave
  9. Route 33 and Azalea Town
  10. Slowpoke Well
  11. Ilex Forest
  12. Azalea Town Gym
  13. Route 34
  14. Goldenrod City
  15. Goldenrod City Gym
  16. Exploring and Leaving Goldenrod City
  17. Route 35
  18. National Park
  19. Route 36
  20. Route 37 & Entering Ecruteak City
  21. Exploring Ecruteak City & Kimono Girls
  22. The Burned Tower
  23. The Ecruteak Gym
  24. First Visit to Bell Tower
  25. Route 38
  26. Route 39 & Olivine City
  27. Olivine Glitter Lighthouse
  28. Heading to Cianwood City
  29. Exploring Cianwood City and Obtaining Secret Potion
  30. Olivine Gym
  31. Cianwood City Gym
  32. First Visit to Mt. Mortar and Route 42
  33. Route 43 and Catching Heracross
  34. Lake of Rage & Catching a Shiny Gyarados
  35. Heading Back to Mahogany Town
  36. Meeting Bill in Cerulean City
  37. Mahogany Town (Team Rocket HQ) - Part 1/2
  38. Mahogany Town (Team Rocket HQ) - Part 2/2
  39. Mahogany Town Gym
  40. Goldenrod City Radio Tower - Part 1/3
  41. Goldenrod City Radio Tower - Part 2/3
  42. Goldenrod City Radio Tower - Part 3/3
  43. Heading to Route 44 and Ice Path
  44. Ice Path
  45. Blackthorn City Gym
  46. Blackthorn City (Dragons Den)

Kanto Region Edit

Episodes Coming Soon....

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