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Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by

The third major installment in the Fallout series, it is the first game to be created by Bethesda since it bought the franchise from Interplay Entertainment

Main Quests:[]

Side Quest[]

Craterside Supply - Entrance and Start of Wasteland Survival Guide Quest

Capital Wasteland 100% Locations[]

All Vaults:[]

Power Stations:[]

Broadcast Towers[]

Behemoths Locations[]

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  • Coming Soon

Unmarked Quests[]

300 Pieces of Silver - Unmarked Quest

Operation Anchorage (DLC)[]

Winter solider Armour - Operation Anchorage DLC

Point Lookout (DLC)[]

Point Lookout DLC - Local Favour Entrance Mission

Main Quests:[]

Side Quests:[]

The Velvet Curtain (Side Quest)

Point Lookout - Locations 100%[]

Ark and Dove Cathedral

All Buoy Locations:[]

Not from this World[]

Hangar Bay.jpg

**If you looking for All Captive Recordings then follow all of my DLC Videos for Mothership Zeta and you will obtain them all and Unlock the Achievement/Trophy for that as well.

Locations Discovered 100%[]

Space Walk.jpg

The Pitt (DLC)[]

Pitt Entrance from The Pitt (DLC)